Planned Blackout Information

How to Check Your Planned Blackout Group

Check by Customer Number

The following explains how to check your planned blackout group based on your customer number. The planned blackout group search page is only available in Japanese. To go to the Japanese website, click here.

*Customers who have recently contracted with us may not be able to check their group. Those customers should contact our Call Center.



Input your customer number to the blank space and click the 'Search' button.
Your customer numbers consists of, from the left: 3 digits, 2 digits, 2 digits,
2 digits and 6 digits.



After you input your customer number and clicking the 'Search' button, a group number will be displayed.


*If you input your customer number incorrectly or you have recently contracted with us and your customer number is not yet in our system, a message as shown at left will be displayed.

What is a Customer Number?

The displayed number indicates the group to which you belong.
If multiple groups are given for a single address, customers in that area belong to one of the groups given.

Customer Number

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